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School Advocacy

When your child needs special education services through their educational environment, the process to obtain these services is extremely complex and can be overwhelming for even the most well versed parent. Advocating for your child can be an extremely emotional situation, and adding a complex process for requesting and obtaining services can become too much at times. There are numerous timelines, processes, and procedures utilized in special education that can become confusing for parents. Although it can feel like you are all alone in this process, we want you to know that we are here to support you and your family.

This where an educational advocate can come in to assist families and ease much of the parental burden that comes along with the special education process. With parents being the expert in their child, and our clinicians being the experts in therapeutic services across multiple settings, we can combine our expertise in order to become the most effective team of advocates for your child. Through positive communication and recommendations, we can ensure that your child's evaluation and service recommendations align with their needs while they are in school to ensure the best possible outcome for both your child and your family. We work to encourage collaboration and effective communication amongst the IEP team to ensure that all parties are on the same page and making decisions that are in the best interest of your child.

We can make recommendations to families, attend IEP meetings in person or virtually, provide feedback on proposed goals/services/accommodations, and explain school based evaluations and recommendations. We can partner with you to establish a plan of services that fit your family's particular needs. Reach out to learn more from your providers to see how we can assist you and your family in obtaining the services your child needs to ensure an appropriate education.


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