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Welcome to Our Blog!

Before we jump into the fun stuff, let me introduce to you who we are!

Helping Hands Pediatric Therapy provides pediatric occupational therapy services for children from newborn to 21 years of age throughout Prosper, Celina, Gunter, and Aubrey metropolitan areas. We service families through home, school (preschool and private), ABA centers, and clinic visits.

We go above and beyond to meet each family where they are at and grow them to their highest level of potential. We currently address a wide variety of diagnoses, along with having pediatric specialties and certifications that are highly beneficial to our clients. We provide comprehensive care for sensory integration disorder, fine motor delays, ocular motor delays, auditory processing, executive functioning delays, school readiness, social skill delays, self-care delays, handwriting difficulties, oral motor delays, feeding difficulties, and learning difficulties. Every child deserves an opportunity to thrive in their environment.

Our model is very different than a "big box" clinic or hospital-based outpatient clinic for several reasons. When we begin working with a family, we take the time to evaluate the child in different settings and observe in everyday activities such as home school, clinic and/or playdates. This allows us to get the best picture of how we can lead and grow each family within their daily needs. We then work closely with other professionals to provide well rounded care. It is extremely important to work with each child through a team approach; this team will look different for each child. For example, a team would be parents, caregivers, ABA therapist, speech therapist, neurologist, pediatrician, play therapist and/ or counselors all working together to help each child reach his/her full potential. Our clinic works hard to build relationships with all of a child's providers and collaborate on best quality of care for goals and progress.

We use a wide range of intervention approaches including Handwriting Without Tears, sensory integration, Praxis Therapy, cognitive behavioral, Social Thinking curriculums, Interactive Metronome, Integrated Listening, Neurodevelopment treatment, Beckman Oral Motor, TalkTools, and feeding approaches. We continue to expand our knowledge base to provide the highest quality of care for every client.

Our mission is to provide innovative, comprehensive, and holistic care, to give our patients the best opportunities to achieve their goals, dreams, and passions. It is imperative to work with the family unit to build resources, strategies, and skills, to sustain the highest level of independence.

Our vision is to become the number one choice when it comes to occupational therapy services in Prosper, Texas.

Our goal with this blog is to provide a helpful resource for our parents and future parents. We have a lot of fun and exciting things coming your way and we would love for you to follow along!


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