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*We only file in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and out-of-network with Aetna.*

Occupational Therapy Evaluation

What does an OT evaluation look like?

  • We conduct parent interviews, complete standardized and nonstandardized tests, and make clinical observations.  Prior to coming in, families will complete paperwork about their child’s medical history, birth and development, and areas of concern.  Families will also complete the Sensory Profile to give us a better understanding of your child’s reactions to all types of sensory experiences they may encounter daily. The evaluation’s are all child specific and testing materials are based upon parent concerns, clinical observations, and developmental age. We assess for handwriting difficulties, fine motor delays, gross motor delays, visual perceptual deficits, ocular motor deficits, auditory processing, visual processing, executive functioning, strength/endurance, sensory modulation, and social/emotional skills.

    • After the initial evaluation is completed we conduct a parent conference. During this time we will go over reports, goals, questions, concerns, and plan of care. ​

    • Therapy is based upon results of the initial evaluation.

Occupational Therapy Session

What does an OT session in the clinic look like?

  • Occupational Therapy sessions are one on one child led sessions. All our therapists are Sensory Certified and take a whole body approach to therapy. We work to provide individualized, holistic care in a sensory based clinic to work on fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, ocular motor, executive functioning, activities of daily living, activities of leisure, balance, coordination, social emotional skills, social pragmatics, and sensory modulation. 

School Advocacy for OT

What does school advocacy for OT look like?

  • Working with the school to provide school based services to the highest and most efficient manner possible. School and private OT look very different but taking a team approach to every child is imperative to generalization of skills. We review school OT evaluation, goals, implementation or school minutes. Then meet with the parents and child to assure goals are in line with skills and attend ARD to help with communication and quality of care across settings. 

Home Consultation for Sensory Gym

What does a home consultation for a sensory gym look like?

  • Working with our families to develop a sensory safe space in the home. Allowing our children consistent sensory input can help address a variety of goals. It is often overwhelming for parents to know where to start, how to organize a sensory space and how to begin incorporating this into their daily routines. We begin by accessing the space, talking to parents about their concerns and goals, assessing the child's sensory needs and providing a detailed list and stages of building out a sensory space. 

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